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Paralegal versus Certified Legal Document Preparer

A “paralegal” is defined by the State Bar of Arizona as a person with legal knowledge, training and experience, who works “under” the supervision of an attorney. Many people do not understand this, including some paralegals. However, “paralegal” is the most common term used for an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (“AZCLDP”). An AZCLDP is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide services to the public “without” the supervision of an attorney. Without this certification, a paralegal preparing documents for an individual or a company is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. Currently, only California and Arizona have programs that certify and monitor the people and companies preparing legal documents for the sole purpose of protecting the public.


  • Are allowed to prepare any legal documents for the public, as long as they do not provide legal advice or attempt to represent someone in court.
  • Will be found more commonly providing assistance in the areas of Family, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Business Law.
  • Are providing assistance only, as you are essentially the attorney of your own case.  An AZCLDP works for someone similar to how a paralegal would work for an attorney. You are responsible for your own documents, the same as an attorney would be responsible for your case or documents if you were represented.
  • Is not bound by the attorney-client privilege.  If ordered by the court, an AZCLDP would have to disclose information.


Our Certified Legal Document Preparers

Our Certified Legal Document Preparers, have been
trained as paralegals by attorneys for more than 10 years
and still work with and network with attorneys.

My name is Kellie DiCarlo and I am the designated principal for Arizona Legal Document Service, L.L.C. I have 19 years legal training and experience. Most of my legal career I worked as a paralegal for law firms, including Titus, Brueckner & Berry and Green & Baker, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2004, I decided to work as an independent paralegal doing contract work for various attorneys. In 2008, I discovered that I could obtain certification from the Arizona Supreme Court allowing me to work directly for people not represented by attorneys, which is now the primary service offered by Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.

Since 2008, Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C. is a fast-growing business that offers a variety of services, including legal document preparation, private investigations, legal transcription, notary, paralegal services to attorneys, and court filings.

Although I truly believe legal advice is always best, many people simply cannot afford it. Additionally, some cases are so simple, an attorney is not necessary. In fact, several clients have been referred to us by attorneys for this very reason. If an attorney is required, we will refer you to one with the appropriate experience. We have excellent referrals available for attorneys who practice family law, civil, criminal and personal injury.

Our services are professional with a personal touch. We provide outstanding customer service. You are not a number at Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.; you are a person who needs assistance and we enjoy what we do. As one of the owners of the company, I guarantee you will be pleased with the services you receive at Arizona Legal Document Services, L.L.C.